Programme performance has been strong to date – when externally reviewed by EKOS Consultants after only two rounds of UKGF funding and one round of Tranzfuser funding, UKGTF has overachieved against target of both business assists and individuals with enhanced skills, whilst meeting the target of number of businesses created. The review also noted:

“The programmes serve a well-established and identifiable gap within the sector – the provision of early stage funding and support to companies and teams seeking to develop video games. The programmes have a strong fit with the strategic context for the development of the creative industries in the UK, and help to address the market failure of asymmetrical information and funding gaps which exist for early stage companies.

Stakeholders were unanimous in agreeing that these programmes are important for the continued development of the sector, allowing people to develop their technical and commercial skills to develop their project and to develop a business.

Stakeholders were in agreement that in the absence of these programmes, there would be a negative impact on the sector. The existing funding and support gaps would be made even larger, ultimately resulting in fewer companies being created and fewer games and projects being developed.” 

Of funded companies are start ups
Of funded companies have secured additional funding so far
Of companies safeguarded jobs
Of companies created new jobs
Satisfaction rating
Awards to companies with <5 employees

Success Factors

What we've learned

A key finding from UKGTF’s work to date has been:

  • The presence of an entrepreneurial tea leader and dealmaker
  • A team with a shared commitment to, and understanding of, the micro-mission of the company
  • Experience of having completed and published a games title learned from it and then applied the learning guide future growth

All of our work seeks to bring about these success factors in the teams and companies we support.


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Case Studies

Draw & Code Case Study

Based in Liverpool Draw & Code was founded in YEAR and secured funding from the UK Games Fund in YEAR. The company was self-funding fulfilling client work, bringing customer contacts from previous roles in the industry. Draw & Code’s funded…

Fireblade Software Case Study

Gary Burchell of Fireblade software spoke to us recently about his journey in games development. The company was set up by Gary after he left Climax Studios. He’d worked there for over 13 years on a variety of projects, including…

Ocean Spark Studios Case Study

Based in Huddersfield in Yorkshire, Ocean Spark Studios is a young and dynamic games development studio with a keen interest in supporting and encouraging diversity in the industry. The studio’s three founders (Helen, Ellie and Zach) are all actively involved…